About PFP Advisory

Having the right people in the organization is vital to a company’s success, irrespective of the industry. At the same time, recruitment can be a consuming and even intricate process, from identifying and attracting top talent, to interviewing, evaluating, and selecting the new hires. Here is where we come in: we are adamant in placing the most suitable candidates in our clients’ organizations, ensuring an effective and efficient hiring process.


We are PFP (People for People) Advisory, a search and assessments company based in Bucharest, Romania, specializing in placing top- and middle-level candidates across industries. We combine the knowledge, expertise, and ability to deliver top-level candidates, as we have access to a high-quality candidate pool, as well as the resources and tools that allow us to source qualified top talent quickly and successfully.


Our expertise lies in matching talent with opportunity. We understand the unique needs and challenges that every client faces when seeking out new leadership or other key positions, as well as the complex process a candidate goes through when changing jobs. Thus, we work closely with our partners to ensure that both sides get what they need from the collaboration: our corporate clients receive high-quality candidates who meet their needs and fit their culture, while candidates receive an opportunity that offers them more than just a job — they get an environment where they can thrive and grow professionally and personally.

What we offer to our corporate clients

A shortlist of relevant and validated professionals

Access to a pool of passive candidates, who are not looking to change jobs

Industry expertise, market knowledge, and a broad network

Market insights communicated throughout the search process

Cost- and time-efficient search and assessment processes

Top assessment tools for the talent management life cycle

We deliver a customized approach that is focused on finding the right fit for each search assignment, in accordance with our clients’ contexts and business plans. Our search strategy, including market outreach and candidate sourcing, is customized to meet specific client needs. Thus, by partnering with us, clients can be sure that all the talent potentially available to them is being tapped into.


People for People Advisory was founded in 2022 by Alexandra Ene, who decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey aiming to provide high-standard executive search, recruitment, and assessment services to clients in multiple market segments.


Alexandra Ene has a background in communication, PR, and marketing. In the early years of her experience, she worked with clients in professional services, banking, FMCG, and technology, and thus gained insights into a variety of business models. She discovered her passion for human capital-related consultancy when she joined one of the top executive search companies in the local market and got the chance to use her business understanding to successfully recruit middle and top management roles in Romania and CEE region. She coordinated the search and selection of candidates for leadership positions in various market segments, such as consumer goods & retail, professional and financial services, media & advertising, and technology.


Alexandra sets out to add value to all the people she interacts with and strongly believes that the human2human approach is becoming the go-to strategy in consulting. She focuses on creating meaningful relationships with clients and candidates, based on trust and mutual respect, and encourages collaboration and open communication, emphasizing on the importance of understanding each other's needs.

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