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We use a proactive approach of the market, efficient search & selection processes, diverse channels, and a strong network, in order to identify the best match for our clients and give them access to top professionals available in their targeted area, including passive candidates, who are not actively looking to change jobs.


When addressing a placement project, we take into consideration the company needs and objectives, the candidates’ professional suitability, hard and soft skills, energy and motivation, as well as their fit with the organizational culture, alignment on values, and long-term aspirations of both sides.


PFP Advisory is a headhunting company, we go to market and search for suitable candidates according to the assignment brief. Our process includes a number of steps:


Getting an in depth understand of the client’s need, the business, the role, the profile, etc.


Preparing the JD(s), search strategy, the list of target companies, in which suitable candidates are likely to be found, and calibrating the profile(s) we are looking for


Sourcing for potentially suitable candidates across channels, including the Consultants’ network and recommendations + posting the JD on own and external platforms (if case)


Approaching selected professionals, screening them for interest and suitability


Interviewing candidates, all the while keeping the Client informed as to project status and other market findings / insights


Sending to the Client a shortlist of 3 to 5 candidates and calibrating the profiles in an agile approach


 Assisting the Client in meeting the selected candidates, testing (if case) & verifying references


Preparing the LOI for the chosen professional(s), facilitating further discussions and negotiations, ensuring a good communication until employment


After placement, following up with the client and the candidate(s), to make sure everything goes as expected

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PFP Advisory provides individual (personality), team (performance), and organizational (culture) assessments using various evaluation and diagnosis tools.

For individual and team assessments, we use Hogan. We are an authorized reseller of Hart Consulting and we use these tests to evaluate both candidates in recruitment processes, as well as professionals who are already employed by our clients’ organisations, and teams.

Hogan is the international authority in personality. For decades, Hogan has demonstrated personality’s impact on job performance by helping organizations of all sizes—including more than 75% of the Fortune 500—design science-driven strategies for talent management.

Available in 51 languages, Hogan’s three core personality assessments measure the everyday personality characteristics that help people succeed when they are at their best, the potential shortcomings that can derail careers, and the values and unconscious biases that drive career decisions.

More than 10 million working adults across industries and around the world have taken the personality assessments. Using this data, Hogan conducts real-world research, ensuring that the assessments are valid, reliable, and practical. This means Hogan’s assessments can predict job performance in nearly any role and at any level. This also means Hogan’s assessments don’t discriminate.

Hogan’s portfolio of talent acquisition and development solutions allows companies to select leaders who will develop high-performing teams, eliminate bias in talent decisions, improve retention, identify high potentials for succession planning, and more. Organizations that use Hogan’s assessments effectively manage their most valuable assets—their people.  

The Hogan assessments can be very useful for an organization for:

Talent Acquisition. Understand an individual’s leadership style based on strengths and unconscious biases and select the best people for the right jobs.

Feedback & Development. Get insights and focused plans for development and leadership effectiveness, including for first-time managers.

High Potential & Succession Planning. Identify and manage high potentials to determine who can move into different roles in the organization.

Team Effectiveness. Understand strengths, weaknesses, and values of the team and how personalities combine to support or hinder effectiveness

Executive Coaching. Interpret assessment data to drive strategic self-awareness and create actionable goals for leadership success.

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